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About Us

Denny's Auto Center was founded in 1967.

Morris Olsen and Jessie Davis, co-owners of Denny's Auto Center, are life-long residents of Janesville, WI.  Being involved in the community through organizations like the Optimist Club or being a foster parent, both Morris and Jessie take great pride in their hometown.  Being a good neighbor and providing honest, professional transmission service is important to them.  With an enthusiasm for performance cars and drag racing improving and repairing transmissions isn’t just a job for them, it’s their passion. 

Denny's Auto Center specializes in the servicing, repair, replacement and rebuilding of domestic and foreign automatic transmissions.  We service standard transmissions, four wheel drive and all wheel drive transmissions.

Morris Olsen worked for the original “Denny” since 1972.  He became the owner of Denny’s Auto Center in 1983.

Jessie Davis joined Denny’s Auto Center in 1990.  He started sweeping floors and washing parts.  He is now co-owner and an expert in transmission repair.

Stop in and see us for all your automotive and transmission needs!  Trusted by Janesville residents since 1967.